DSD's tourism investment is organized through the company DSD Explore. Exploring, searching and scouting for something new is in our DNA. Within DSD Explore, we utilize this together with our long experience with passenger transport by land and water. We know what it takes to create good experiences and travel memories.

Good travel memories start when you book. Good and pleasant planning and vibrating expectations before departure. Unforgettable highlights and activities along the way. Memories for life. DSD Explore accommodates all of this. We help people realize dreams of discovering the world, and do so through both tourism companies and technology companies. The result is unique experiences and memories for life.

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Adventure Tech

Adventure Tech is our technology investment and is aimed at tomorrow's facilitators of good, seamless experiences. The tools that enable you to deliver unique moments. We know that man has been exploring the universe for millennia. Through Adventure Tech, we join the journey of the future where we explore new technology, and take part in new and groundbreaking business ideas.

Our first investment in Adventure Tech is the company Bilberry. It offers a software activity companies can utilize for everything that is important to create great experiences and operate profitably. That means everything from online booking, event management, tailoring, packaging and upselling. In addition to sales and distribution, Bilberry gives you full control over operations and delivery through personnel and resource management to name a few.

Bilberry i bruk i aktivitetsbedrift

Fjord Travel and Go Fjords are two of our tourism companies. They offer environmentally friendly travel that leaves as little environmental footprint on nature as possible. Through our market portals, they can put together a tailor-made, authentic and local travel experience with public and environmentally friendly transport such as trains, electric cruise ferries and buses throughout Norway.

In 2020, DSD was allowed to enter the ownership side of XXLofoten. It is the largest experience player in Lofoten, and offers year-round activities for individual travelers and companies. Based in Svolvær, they have been arranging for spectacular experiences since 2005.

Platform companies

  • Tide

    Tide Buss is Norway’s second largest bus company, as well as being one of the biggest bus operators in Denmark. Tide is contracted to operate public buses in six counties, and it also operates commercial coach services, express buses and airport buses throughout Norway. In total, Tide has over 5,000 employees, 2,150 buses and annual turnover of NOK 4.2 billion.