Our integrated corporate social responsibility

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals have helped to guide our activities at DSD. Several of our investments reflect the fact that we are working systematically to achieve the goals.

When our vision says that we will create tomorrow's society, it commits us to developing a society we safely can entrust to future generations. We do this by managing values responsibly, and where the environment, corporate social responsibility and corporate governance, are fundamental factors that enable us to succeed with our long-term value creation.

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DSD will be a driving force for sustainable development. We have been doing this since 1855, and we will continue to do so. We know that this is a continuous and long-term work. We want to make a difference we can be proud of. Therefore, we have defined three strategic areas where we believe we have the best conditions to make a positive difference for the people and society around us.

We will contribute to achieving the climate goals

We will contribute to local value creation and attractive jobs

We will contribute to good business practice through active corporate governance

The UN's sustainability goals have been a good framework and are a good guide for the choices and investments DSD makes. We have selected some specific goals from the UN's 17 Sustainability Goals, which we will focus on, and which will help us to work systematically every day to achieve our ambitions.

In 2021, DSD has prepared its first ESG report. This is a report we have launched with pride, but also with humility.

Working for more sustainable solutions and having a conscious relationship with the surroundings around us is part of DSD's historical DNA. To serve and support society, alongside important regional projects and cooperate with others as well.

In the past year, we have worked to make our principles and ambitions within environmental, social and economic considerations more concrete, systematised and stated. We have summarized the results in this first, separate ESG report for the entire group, and we are pleased to present it here:

ESG report for 2020

We promote education, culture, good public health and a spirit of inquiry

"We consider it both a pleasure and a duty to play an active role in the society that we belong to. DSD has always supported, and will always continue to support, good causes, institutions, organisations and activities with a common goal: promoting education, culture, research and good public health. "

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We support

We believe in making an active, valuable contribution to our local community and the wider region. We do that by supporting organisations and individuals that help to improve our society, both at the local and national level.