DSD developes companies
and invests in people

Our focus is on opportunities. The opportunities that companies- and people who work there represent. We care about getting new and old wheels to function together and move in the same direction. This way we evolve alongside the companies we involve ourselves in.

As active owners we have a long-term and dynamic portfolio made up of companies we are a part of, and which are part of us. For us it is about taking risks we understand and to realise the potential each company and individual has to create sustainable values and results.

dSD IN 2018
4 800
5 667 MNOK
818 MNOK
27 000 MNOK



We are motivated by the will to create results


We renew ourselves by constantly looking for new insights and new opportunities


We are open minded and like to explore alternative solutions


We take the risks that we understand, to strengthen our company's value creation


We keep our word and always deliver what we promise

Rewards and milestones

With a culture for making ambitious ideas into groundbreaking results, we create world-leading, environmental-friendly and sustainable technology.


The phasing in of Norway's most environmental-friendly bus fleet - 35 electric busses in Trondheim


The world's first ferry that can be charged wirelessly, the hybrid ferry MF Folgefonn


The world's most environmental-friendly fright ships, the LNG ships Kvitbjørn and Kvitnos are baptized and put into operation.

The Worlds first battery-driven 0-emission ferry, Ampere is put into operation.


”Ship of the Year"

"Thor Heyerdahl-award"

"Business Climate Prize"


“Green Ship Award”

“NHO Transport and Logistics Environmental Award”

“Research- and innovation award”

Our history has made us who we are today
In DSD we have a culture and history of looking forward and having a conscious relationship with our environment.
We invest in people who wish to implement groundbreaking ideas, create world-leading technology and contribute to the society.

Our ambition is not to follow, but to lead the development in our areas of business. This is what we have been doing for the last 160 years – and will continue to do for the next 160 years to come.
DSD was established on the 12th of February 1855 to build and put into operation the paddle steamer “Ryfylke” in the first, commercial ferry routes in Ryfylke.
DSD is going internationally by landing a three year contract for operating the summer postal service routes between Kristiansand in Norway and Fredrikshavn in Denmark.
DSD invests in Hurtigruten, adding Stavanger as a weekly connection to the route between Bergen and Kirkenes.
Norway's first Hydrofoil ferry Vingtor was introduced into Norway's first express ferry route between Stavanger-Haugesund-Bergen. With a speed of 35 knop Vingtor made the trip in only 4 hours.
DSD is introduced to international shipping through DSD Shipping AS. Within a short period of time a contract to buy five tankships was signed.
Nor-Cargo is sold to Posten Norge AS. Nor-Cargo shipping becomes Nor Lines AS. Within a short time Nor Lines established a nationwide land-based transportation system.
The world's three first passenger ferries running on natural gas (LNG) are introduced into the large ferry commuter line Nesoddtangen-Aker Brygge in Oslo.
Nor Lines becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of DSD. At the same time, DSD takes over 100% of the shares in Tide Sjø AS, and changes the name of this new subsidiary to Norled AS.
Norled puts the world's first battery-powered 0-emission ferry, Ampere, into operation in the ferry connection Lavik-Oppdal in Sogn. At the same time, Nor Lines starts operating two award winning 100% LNG-driven freight ships.
DSD buys 100% of the shares in Tide ASA.

Nor Lines' operations are sold to Samskip.

DSD Shipping signs a contract for the purchase of four new tankers.
Norled is sold til CapMan and CBRE Caledon.

GoFjords is implemented in DSD, and marks a new beginning towards the international tourist market.