Traveling is often about getting there safely. Get there quickly at the right time. Tide has years of experience in transporting people safely and efficiently.

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The company's history dates back to 1880, when Hardanger Sunnhordlandske Dampskipsselskap was created after a merger of a number of small steamship companies. It was not until 2006 - after a merger between HSD and Gaia Trafikk - that the company emerged under today's name: Tide ASA.

The people at Tide work to create good travel experiences. Every day, cheerful bus drivers carry a quarter of a million people. Time is the hub that contributes to everyday life for most people.

Today, Tide is a wholly owned subsidiary of DSD. Just like us, Tide focuses on the environment and people. Together, we take responsibility for growth and development for the company and its employees.

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Stein Arne has driven a bus for Tide for 13 years, and today frequents the route between Bergen and Stavanger

Company info

Tide Buss is Norway’s second largest bus company, as well as being one of the biggest bus operators in Denmark. Tide is contracted to operate public buses in six counties, and it also operates commercial coach services, express buses and airport buses throughout Norway. In total, Tide has over 5,000 employees, 2,150 buses and annual turnover of NOK 4.2 billion.

Contact person

Marianne Frønsdal
Head of Communications

(+47) 951 29 383