DSD is further investing in technology companies in the travel and mobility sectors when it becomes a co-owner of Dotnet Mentor Holding AB. The investment is the first of its kind DSD is making in Sweden.

The Swedish company consists of two subsidiaries; the product supplier company Ferrysystems International, which delivers SaaS solutions to ocean-going ferries, and the IT consulting company Dotnet Mentor Väst.

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"I am very pleased that we have succeeded in bringing DSD in as a co-owner of the company," says CEO and founder Mikael Egnér of Dotnet Mentor Holding AB.

"I am very pleased that we have succeeded in bringing DSD in as a co-owner of the company. The technology solutions that our two companies have been involved in developing and launching will thus provide both new capital, expertise and access to a larger developer environment so that the companies can take the next step in sales, development and growth", says CEO and founder Mikael Egnér.

Dotnet Mentor was established in 2007 and the companies consist of a total of 11 employees with headquarters in Gothenburg.

"Over the past few years, DSD has grown in the areas of mobility and tourism technology, and when we now had the opportunity to invest in this company with highly skilled employees and attractive products, it was an opportunity we could not refuse.

We believe that the expansion of our portfolio with ownership in Dotnet Mentor Holding will strengthen our overall product investment and development capacity in

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Martin Økland, Director of Business Development at DSD, says that the competent team at Dotnet Mentor will greatly contribute to DSD's ambition of delivering comprehensive, frictionless travel and booking experiences in an automated manner

DSD has historical roots dating back to 1855 and a long tradition in transport by sea and land. Today, DSD focuses on the oceans, mobility, tourism and health sectors and has ownership in several leading niche players in mobility and tourism technology; Bilberry, Mobitech and Ferdia. This is an industry with significant growth opportunities both in and outside Norway. As customers increasingly demand seamless travel, the acquisition of Dotnet Mentor Holding will complement DSD's portfolio of technology companies that deliver attractive solutions for transport, activities, accommodation and the packaging of these individual orders.

"Our ambition is to deliver holistic, frictionless travel and booking experiences in an automated way – to the delight of both customers and providers. With strong and competent teams from Dotnet Mentor Holding AB on the team, we are one step closer to achieving that ambition", says Martin Økland.

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Dotnet Mentor, the consulting company, was founded in 2007 by Mikael Egnér Dotnet Mentor is an IT consulting firm specializing in IT architecture and system development Based in Gothenburg and Åre, they offer expertise in web-based systems The company consists of dedicated consultants with specialist knowledge who assist clients in developing their businesses using modern technologies and methods.

Ferry Systems International, the SaaS company, has the product Lighthouse, which is a booking system for passengers and freight for ferry companies Lighthouse began as an experiment at Dotnet Mentor in 2015 When it became clear how successful Lighthouse was with the help of modern technology, the booking system was spun off into its own company