Good travel memories start when you book. By making plans. Build expectations. Imagine what's to come.

Next comes the journey itself with its unforgettable highlights and exciting activities. You get memories for a lifetime. Memories you live on. Which you occasionally draw out and relive. Which makes you smile, yearn and plan new trips. DSD Explorer gives you all this.

The company helps people realize their dreams, both through good tourism players and technology companies. The result is unique experiences that leave a lasting mark!

Om DSD 7

DSD Explore's companies might be your guide to the Norwegian coast and memories for life. We transport you with comfortable boats and buses to small gems and great experiences.

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Company info

DSD Explore develops tourism and invests in local communities.

The company is active owner in event and activity companies that serve both the private and business market. The main focus is to contribute to the development of the subsidiaries. This is done by cultivating autonomy and strong brands, while at the same time offering the necessary resources to streamline operations, sales and development.

The companies under DSD Explore are spread over various destinations in Norway. The main seat is in Bergen.


Torggaten 5
5014 Bergen